New Ford Transit Custom for sale in Brisbane

The Ford Transit Custom is remarkably efficient without compromising the famously generous loadspace. It's hardly surprising then, that it was awarded the prestigious International Van of the Year award at introduction in 2013.

Transit Custom Protection inside and out

Protection inside and out

If wheel slip is detected at low speed, Traction Control mitigates wheel spin by reducing engine torque and applying brake pressure. When Emergency Brake Assist Recognises an emergency braking situation, it increases the pressure within the braking system to provide extra stopping power, and the Emergency Brake Warning Front and rear indicators automatically flash during heavy braking, giving other drivers advance hazard warning.

Transit Custom Stay connected with Ford SYNC

Stay connected with Ford SYNC

Developed with Microsoft®, the advanced software of Ford SYNC™ lets you use detailed voice commands when making calls or playing music. Automatic phonebook downloading puts you in total control without taking your eyes off the road, plus your iPod, MP3 player or USB device seamlessly integrates with the all-new Transit Custom's audio system.

Transit Custom Handles everything with ease

Handles everything with ease

The short wheelbase all-new Transit Custom is the ideal choice for demanding city work. Torque Vectoring Control improves traction, roadholding and cornering by continuously optimising the engine torque distributed to each front wheel. Plus, new stiffer mounting bushes and brackets enhance the Transit's already legendary ride and handling.

Transit Custom The right fit for the job

The right fit for the job

The All-New Transit Custom will set new benchmarks for efficiency, and offer up a whole host of smart features, taking the mobile office to new levels. Designed to car-like standards, the All-New Transit Custom will almost be as comfortable and easy to drive as any modern SUV. It's hardly surprising then, that it's been awarded the prestigious International Van of the Year award 2013.